About Cabinet Hero

We are Frank & Julie Garrido creators and inventors of the Cabinet Hero, and we would like to share our story with you.

Working for many years in our mom and pop business (finishing cabinets) we are pretty accustomed in seeing damaged and worn areas in kitchens and bathroom vanities.  It always seems to be in the usual areas: near the sink, trash pull out , oven and dishwasher. These areas get used every day and the top edge of the cabinet door is where the finish starts to wear away, especially if the homeowner is always cleaning this surface. Once the finish is compromised or the Thermofoil starts to lift the damage starts to gradually spread.   This type of repair and refinish can become pretty costly to custom match even if it is only for a few new doors or drawer fronts. Upward of about $100 to $200 per piece for a really good match!! So that’s when we thought of Cabinet Hero!  A simple cover that slips over the top edge of the cabinet doors and drawer fronts to protect them from damage caused by typical everyday use. We are making 100% of our product here in the USA. So we can proudly say: Made in the USA

We also want to make our footprint a little smaller so that is why we ship our product in minimal packaging and ask you, the consumer, to always recycle the cardboard packaging. We only have one Mother Earth and we all have to do our part to keep her clean. Reduce~Reuse~Recycle.

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