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Guard your kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts from everyday wear, discoloration, chipping, peeling and water drips.

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What is Cabinet Hero?

Cabinet Hero is a "first of its kind" slip on cabinet door protector that guards cabinet doors and drawer fronts from being damaged. There are two different models of Cabinet Hero, both are made to fit 3/4" thick cabinets.

I’m so happy I found the Cabinet Hero protectors. Now I can protect my investment and my sink cabinet will stay looking nice for many years.

Tracy D.

How to Protect Your Kitchen Cabinets from Chips and Water Damage with Cabinet Hero

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Why Choose Cabinet Hero?

Thoughtfully Designed

Our team at Cabinet Hero conducts extensive research & development to ensure we create the most practical design in our kitchen cabinet protector products. Using 3D printing, we create various prototypes to ensure our products fit securely to cabinets without compromising any appearance, function, and utilization of cabinets.

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