Question about kitchen cleaning chemicals

  • Are there any chemicals I should use and/or avoid when cleaning my cabinets? Also, if I have Cabinet Hero products, how best to clean those?

  • Definetely it is really important that good cleaning habits are established especially when you have a new kitchen or new painted kitchen cabinets.  Not letting grease or other food type residue stay on to long on your cabinets is important. It can leach into the finish and take vigurous effort to remove also weaking the finish.  

    The best way to perform regular cleaning is by using a damp cloth of warm water and dish soap  (like example dawn) . Use this to clean off residue and then also come back over area and be sure to dry it off. This is important because moisture that sit on your cabintes regularly with not be good in the long run so ensuring that you dry it off is important. 

    There are many spray on cleaners out there but many have chemicals that will eventually make there way into the finish or if you spray on the excess liquid ends up collecting on the bottom portion of the door or drawer front. This excess moisture I have seen gets absorbed after doing this type of cleaning routine. The result is that on the bottom of the door alot of residue collects weakens the finish and then the moisture starts to leach up into the finish, blistering the finsh in this area . 

    Seen this many times in  my Industry so it is worth noting that spraying down your kitchen cabinets is not recommended.  

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