Touching up thermofoil doors

  • If you have thermofoil doors that have peeling in the areas that have a seam . This is a typical problem area that usually can experience peeling and most of the time it starts at the top of a door or drawer front.

    After time the glue in this area " by the seam where the back foil and fron foil meet", has broken down by exposure to normal heat air and moisture all these combined can make the glue in this area ineffective .


    thermofoil de lamination and peeling

    To avoid further delamination , it is important to stabilze the area by applying glue to this area and taping the foil until glue has cured . a great glue to use in this application would be ELMER"S PROBOND MULTISURFACE GLUE    .  THIS GLUE IS WATER PROOF AND BONDS WELL WITH ALL SURFACES.

    After glueing down the vynil foil the next step would be to fill with a vinyl putty such as Crawfords Vinyl putty

    after lightly sanding flush you can touch up the area with a water proof paint that matches the foil color.

    After your touch up paint has cured at least overnight you can slip on a protector to keep this from happening in the future. If you have any concerns or concerns please leave a comment or question so you could best find a good solution to this problem .

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