What is your take on keeping your clients happy after a kitchen remodel , pros and cons about this approach.

  • Whether you are an Interior designer , contractor ,cabinet maker or finisher as a professional you are  the one who can best advise your client of the project completed for them.  As such, there are some things to consider pointing out to your client that could prevent disappointment and complaints in the near future.

    With every action we decide to take there are always the right way to do things that provide good results and the wrong way to do thing that present more problems for your business .

    Here are some Pros and Cons when it comes to making clients happy this is something I have experienced and would like those in the industry to share their experience and views on this.

    PROS  :Taking time to instruct them or present to them a kitchen care guide they can use to best care for their new kitchen cabinets would be a great way for them to protect their investment of  their new remodel.  

    CONs  :  I have experienced first hand negative results when attempting to contact a client about a previous projects and asking them if everything is ok ,  only to hear that there is an issue with damage to high traffic areas in the kitchen .  Most of the time the clients are  not aware of the high traffic areas in the kitchen, and 

    the potential for damages to show up .  At this point it"s to late to advise them about care and preventative measures . they are frustrated and want to know how to fix it. they will assume its the fault of the person they hired for the project . Some will be reasonable and pay for the damages to be corrected or replaced . then its possible to advise of care and preventative measures.  Other clients will meet you half way on this matter, and take some responsibility for the damages. But most will assume it is your responsibility to make things right,

    these clients will be a problem for you and could literally come back after time, not caring for their kitchen properly and taking protective measures in areas of high traffic. 

    I think the key is to be respectful get your job done as efficiently and with the best quality possible. make sure you inform them about what I stated above about Kitchen care and protection for high traffic areas.

    Then understand the job is done and that if they have concerns or would like to request additional work for you in the future, they will have your contact and will reach out. Your professionalism , both in the quality in your work and the attitude you present to them will have a lasting impact and they will remember this.

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