Q: How is the Cabinet Hero installed?
A: Cabinet Hero simply slips on the top of your cabinet door or drawer front.

​Q: Is the cabinet Hero safe for my children or pets?
A: Yes, Cabinet Hero is made out of an FDA approved non-toxic PVC vinyl. Plus it is soft when handled or bumped into, edges remain soft even after it is cut to size.

Q: Can I use the Cabinet Hero with my child safety locks?
A: Yes, you can either screw the child safety lock through the Cabinet Hero, cut the Cabinet Hero to go around the child lock or in some cases the lock is lower and doesn’t even interfere with the Cabinet Hero.

Q: Can I use the Cabinet Hero to protect my bathroom cabinets?
A: Yes, this is a cabinet door protector which can be used in both your kitchen and bathroom.

Q: Will the cabinet hero interfere with my door pull on my trash drawer?
A: In some cases where longer handles which run horizontal the drip protector can be felt as you reach to open or close particular door or drawer. If this is an issue you can simply flip the Cabinet Hero so that the drip protector side is facing inside the cabinet and the flatter lower profile is on the outside. This will still protect the top edge from getting worn or damaged.

Q: What if there is not enough space between the bottom of the drawer front and the top of the door for the cabinet hero to fit?
A: Most door hinges have an adjustment screw to adjust the height and small amount. This should be enough of an adjustment to allow space for the Cabinet Hero

Q: My handle/knob is to high on the door/drawer front?
A: You will just have to trim the Cabinet Hero to fit around the handle or knob. This is can actually a good thing as it will keep the Cabinet Hero from sliding on the door/drawer front.

Q: The Cabinet Hero is too loose and slides around, is there a way to secure this better?
A: Yes, you can simply cap the two ends with clear tape. To prevent the sticky side of tape from from sticking to door make sure to put a small piece of tape on the inside of the tape. Watch this video on How to add the tape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06FYCGbVPQU&t=29s

If your Cabinet Hero is sliding out because it is hitting the adjacent door when opening,  you can easily solve this by trimming the bottom corner of the Cabinet Hero that is hitting the adjacent door. Please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85gS-LBBaIw&t=17s

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