How to Install Slimline | How to Install Drip Ramp

Slimeline Installation

Step 1: Sizing Up
Place the Slimline on your desired door with one end flush against the edge. Smooth flat and determine if trimming is necessary.
Step 2: Marking
Use a marker (preferably Dry Erase) to mark the end of the cabinet on all three sides of the Slimline. This will be your guide for cutting.
Step 3: Cutting (Scissors)
Using a sharp pair of scissors, place the protector upside-down with one leg in contact with the blades. While holding the protector with your left hand, cut along the line. Make sure material being trimmed is to the right of the scissors
Step 4: Wipe Clean
Once the Slimline is cut to the desired length, simply wipe off any residual marking with a cloth. Now you can enjoy your beautiful kitchen with protection against damage.

Drip Ramp Installation

Looking for the perfect tool to cut your Drip Ramp Cabinet Hero product? We suggest this great product: IGAN P6 Precision Clippers.


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