Landlords with Cabinet Issues

One of the most irritating things most landlords have to deal with is damage to kitchen and bath cabinets. These are items which are not supposed to be replaced or finished every time you are having a new tenant. Whether it’s a nice apartment, or vacation rental , it really degrades the value when showing worn looking cabinets to potential new tenants, nobody wants to see that!!!

Unfortunately renters don’t generally think about keeping the cabinets looking nice , it just simply is not a concern to them. Sometimes it’s just small habits like reaching into a child lock, and placing the hand on the top of the door that initiates the daily wear and damage to a particular cabinet door. Other times it could be water drips from the sink to the dishwasher that are the culprit. Whatever the case, it always seems to be a daily habit that is hard to stop.

This is why Cabinet Hero was created. It is peace of mind knowing your investment is protected and your cabinets will keep looking great for the next tenant. Prevention is the only way to solve this issue. A landlord or property management agency should try to do what they can to minimize the potential of this occurring to their rental property.

If you have newer cabinets or if you have just fixed the older damaged cabinets, why not take the next step and protect them with a Cabinet Hero today!!!

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